Redoubt Update

Right now the skies are partly cloudy, with a bit of haze. Looking to the south, you can see some quite dark/gray clouds. AVO is reporting some ash far here in Wasilla, I think it must be a bit north of us, we haven’t seen any here at home. Around here, Wasilla, everyone is mostly carrying on as usual, going to work, shopping and so on. The ash fall is all depending on the wind direction, and right now it’s not in the right direction to really spead any ash here, though that can change at any time.

I still think this is really cool.

From AVO:
Current Status and Observations
Beginning last night (Sunday March 22, 2009) at approximately 22:38 AKDT, Redoubt Volcano produced a series of five explosive eruptions that each lasted from four to thirty minutes. The last one ended at 5:00 AM AKDT this morning (March 23). National Weather Service radar, pilot reports, and AVO analysis of satellite imagery suggest that these events produced ash clouds that reached 60,000 ft above sea level (asl), with the bulk of the ash volume between 25 – 30,000 ft asl. Traces of ash fall have been reported in Skwentna, Talkeetna, Wasilla, and Trapper Creek.

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