Turned Out Nice

So the day started out very overcast and crappy. I had to go do some quick shopping, brought my camera, and the dogs, just incase I saw something. As I drove into town, the skies cleared up quite a bit, so I headed down to the dirt road that goes along side of part of the Palmer Hay Flats. We got out for a bit of a walk around so I could get some photos, great skies with the clouds swishing around the mountain peaks. We weren’t there all that long, only about 45 minutes or so, but it was still really nice just to get out and about.

Redoubt is still erupting, I think 3 or 4 so far today, not sure, I lose count with so many eruptions. I do know that we have had about half, or more, the number of eruptions in 6 days then there was the entire time the last time Redoubt erupted in ’89 – ’90, a time span of just short of 6 months. We still haven’t seen any ash fall here in Wasilla, though we just never know, and it all depends on how the upper winds are blowing.

Anyway, here are my photos from today.

Mt POW/MIA and Twin Peaks

Pioneer Peak

All four of them

Talkeetna Mountains in clouds

Photograph of plume from Redoubt’s 1:40 pm, March 28 eruption, as captured by Dennis Anderson, from near Homer.

Photograph of Redoubt’s ash cloud, viewed while traveling between Kenai and Nilnilchik. Photograph courtesy of Jaden Larson.

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  1. Good job Ed…

    Spring seems to be a little slow in coming


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