Hard Work, A Bit Of Swaying, And Out For A Drive

Had a good hard day at work, feels good. During our last break, I was sitting there and felt a swaying motion. At first I just thought my chair was loose, then after hearing others ask if anyone felt “that”, I, and we all, knew we just had an Earthquake. It really was quite a roller, and lasted for, I guess, about 10-15 seconds. Later hearing on the news we found out the earthquake was a 4.7, just 13 miles SW of Wasilla. Cool stuff! 🙂

From KTUU:
The quake was widely felt by Southcentral residents because of its relative proximity to populations centers and because it was relatively shallow, said Natasha Ruppert, a seismologist with the Alaska Earthquake Information Center.

“We consider it shallow, but earthquakes can occur all the way up to the surface, even at a one-mile depth,” Ruppert said. “This is relatively shallow, because in Alaska we have earthquakes as deep as 150 miles.”

“We haven’t received any reports of damage,” Ruppert said. “What people reported is that some objects, lightweight objects, toppled and fell down, and maybe just shifted from one place to another a little bit. But we didn’t get any reports of heavy objects falling or any structural damage so far.”

Got out of work, headed home, then Jan and I headed up to Hatcher Pass with the dogs. Was a really nice sunny warm day. Reached about 50*F here at the house.

Government Peak

Looking across the valley

Mountain mound

Hatcher Pass landscape

Skiers climbing

Some of the mountains were facing just the right direction and caught quite a bit of volcanic ash.

’til next time

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