A Quickie

No, not that type of quickie, get your mind out of the gutter. 🙂

Today was mostly just one ot those lazy days, sitting around the house ‘n such. The day started out very overcast, then as time went on, the sun began to show. I picked just the right time to do some grocery shopping, the sun was out with some great clouds floating by. We reached a high of 52*F today, and while looking around the yard, I can see the Birch trees are starting to bud. The Cottonwoods are starting to unfold their buds into leaves. Spring is here!

So anyway, other then doing some shopping, I really didn’t do a damn thing today, though I did get some photos while out. 🙂

Looking across the Flats

Mount POW/MIA and Twin Peaks

The ever present Pioneer Peak

Bald Eagle flying over head

We also had our neighborhood moose around today, well, really just as I was about to post this, so now I’m adding these.

One of the young ones

Mom and 1 of the young ones.

Here’ one from a few days ago.

And yes, Redoubt is still in eruption.

’til next time

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