Signs of Spring

Signs of spring? Well here, the frist golf course is open, now that’s a true sign of spring! I’m no longer a golfer, I did many years ago and maybe I should start up again, don’t know. No matter if you like golf or not, once a golf course opens, you know that spring is here and summer is just around the corner. More and more buds are popping in the trees, not to mention the willows, pussy willows, they are really going at it, well, at least the ones that haven’t been eaten by moose. Just in the past few days, the snow has gone whoosh, almost gone but the piles and a few spots the Sun doesn’t hit.

One thing I will truely miss about spring is the peepers, frogs mating. I have always loved the sound of the peepers in the spring as you go by a pond and hear croaking that almost deafens.


April 16. Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman
PALMER ? In the Mat-Su Valley, a golf club can serve as a barometer for the seasons. Because as soon as the club comes out of the bag and the ball hits the tee, it?s spring in the Mat-Su Valley.

And spring starts today.

The Palmer Golf Course is set to open today at 9 a.m., continuing its tradition as the first 18-hole course in the state to open for business.Assistant golf pro Hunter Blake takes some practice shots on the first tee at Palmer Golf Course Thursday afternoon. The course is scheduled to open at 9a.m. today. (ROBERT DeBERRY/Frontiersman) A dozen holes will be available for local golfers to play at a rate of $10, PGC director of golf George Collum said.


Another sign of spring, the clouds. The clouds now look like summer clouds and no longer winter snow clouds.

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