Busy Busy Day

Slept in until about 7:30am, made pancakes for breakfast around 11:00am, napped from noon until about 1:30pm, then I saw Jan off to work. I did get out of the house though, had to, it was just too damn nice out. We reached 60*F today, first time this year. We, the dogs and I, headed out to Palmer and then out Maud Rd. toward Jim Lake. We got out for a little bit, but it was really busy out there, well, by busy I mean we saw about 4 other trucks as we drove in. Anyway, we drove out there, got out for a few, then drove back home.

Now that’s the kind of busy day I like. 🙂

More signs of spring, lots of motorcycles and a few convertables out.

Mt. Palmer

Pioneer Peak

Not sure what caused this…it looks to me like Moose rubbing, or eating the bark, not sure.
**Update, this very well could be a Porcupine eating the bark.

’til next time

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