Phone Calls ‘n Such

Not sure how to start this post, guess I’ll start out by saying I’ve been on the phone a lot lately with friends from back in Michigan, they have been calling me about an event that has just happened. You see, there is this asshole that I worked with, I use the word work very very lightly, he never did much work, and when he did, it was fucked up. Anyway, this ass just got fired from his job for accessing confidential information at a Tribal Government in which he, and I before moving here, worked for. We were in the MIS (Management Information System) department. Now working in a department such as it is, you have access to everything under the sun on the network. There is a very large level of trust involed working in such an environment. He never had much of that tust to begin with, and I did most of the work there. There is a third person in the department, the director, but he has his things to do. To continue, this worthless skin, took, stole, information, documents, from the network for his use, or what ever other use. I also have photos of him sleeping at his desk, just can’t find them damnit. I guess I’m sort of rambling here, mainly because I’m not sure what to say about this. No matter what, I truly believe that LTBB is much better off with out Lurch, some called him that. The fuckwad doesn’t deserve to be in a job of this type, access to confidential information, for him, breathing is a crime.

Sorry for the rambling and the nonsensical, I just don’t think right when I think of this buttweasel.

Other news. We got some rain last night, and all the buds are popping. YaY! Even with it being a mostly cloudy day, we still reached 52*F. Things should be greening up nice now. 🙂
As I type this, 9:15pm, the Sun is still up, and won’t set for another half an hour or so. I’m waiting to post this until the Sun sets to see if I can get a photo.

Nope, Sunset just isn’t “there”, if you know what I mean.

Here’s a photo from last September. Hatcher Pass looking down toward Palmer and the Matanuska Valley.

’til next time


  1. Ummm, yeah. I can’t believe they finally got rid of him. Waaaay overdue…

  2. Others called him “Eeyore”. You know… “Can’t believe it’s raining again.. never gonna be sunny. Whole world is out to get me…”
    I must admit, there was a time that I like to call “the troubled times” after you left and all we had to help us was him. Good riddance!

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