Even Cloudy Days Are Nice

Yes, it’s been quite a cloudy day, so I haven’t done much at all. Was still sort of warm out though, in the mid 50’s with just a light breeze. About the only things I did today was run out to get Jan some bacon for her breakfasts, and a bit earlier, delivered my old Pentax film SLR to someone that bought it from Valdez, we met here at Home Depot in Wasilla. I decided to sell my old camera and lenses because I just never used it. I kept it because I thought I might use the lenses, but never did use them. Might as well sell it off then eh.

Hmm, I just glanced over to look at my weather station monitor, and the current conditions says “Sand”. What kind of weather is that?

Shots from today, still pretty even with the clouds.

’til next time

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