Oh Man Is It Getting Nice

As I type this, the temp outside is 67.3*F, and still rising sleightly. Will we hit 70, not sure, but it sure is damn nice out. And with the sun lasting past 10pm and twilight lasting past 11pm, it really warms things up nicely. The breeze is even warm. You really can’t ask for anything better than this. It doesn’t need to get much warmer at all, not all summer, this is just about perfect.

Tomorrow I need to plan something to do after work, so I can really enjoy this weather. Guess I’ll run home and pick the dogs up, maybe, and head out for a little walk-about somewhere.

They say that winter is the tough one to get through, that was a breeze. Summer’s going to be the hard one, just getting to bed and some sleep.

Wolf grabs dog, follows joggers on Fort Richardson trail.
NO INJURIES: No plan to hunt animal yet, but the area is now closed.
Fort Richardson officials announced Monday that they have closed a section of the post for recreational use following a weekend encounter in which a wolf grabbed a dog by the nape of its neck, then trailed two joggers and their dogs after releasing its catch unharmed.
The encounter, the first serious confrontation between wolf and dog reported in the area since last winter, prompted Army officials to indefinitely close the fort north of Artillery Road in Eagle River.

This happened only about 30 miles from where we live. Ah, the wilds.

This mornings sunrise

Beauty in Chaos – Mourning Cloak butterfly in our yard this afternoon.

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