What a wonderful day it is today, highs in the low 70’s can’t be beat. I’m not going out this afternoon ’cause I have tomorrow off and will get my chance then, should be about the same weather, sunny and warm. 🙂 I’m not working tomorrow because, for some reason, they want 2 of us to work Saturday instead. Really doesn’t bother me, I’d rather have a weekday off anyway, less people out ‘n about, though I don’t get 2 days off in a row.

I should do some yard work before I head out tomorrow, rake a bit and clean up the fenced dog area, you know, of all the dog shit, it’s ok, just as long as I outside.

This mornings sunrise, taken at 5:29am

Image at 1680

Image at 1680

Image at 1680

’til next time

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