Handshake, Promise, and a Broken Deal

Friday afternoon made for one fucked up day! As you know, we sold the truck, and in the deal, got a great little car, or so we thought. You see, we allowed the buyers some time to give us the final payment for the truck, they said it was in another bank in the -48. I know it can be hard at times with the time difference. Anyway, we had been in contact with them just about every day for a week. I talked the lady Thursday afternoon, and she said that she will pay us Friday after work, 1 pm. Well, 1 came and passed, then 2, so Jan called her, this bitch then told Jan the deal was off and that they wont be buying the truck. The thing is, is that they had already signed over the title to the car to us, so by law the car was ours. We even talked with a lawer about it, he said that yes the car is ours, and to demand full payment by 5 pm or we would report the truck stolen. She did call again, just after 5, and said they were on their way to return the truck. I told her that we need the full payment for the truck and that the car was ours. I’m not going to go into everything, just that when they showed up, I told them that I am a man of my word and that looking someone in the eye, shaking hands on a deal, IS a deal. It’s really sad that this Valley Trash are so dishonest. We have the truck back and they have their car. FUCK THEM! All this is just one more reason to get the hell out of Wasilla, too much trash. We’ll be hunting for a much much smaller town to live in/by.

Anyway, the truck is back up for sale, and we’re looking for a good car for Jan.

On to better things.

Took the dogs out to Palmer Hay Flats Saturday, haven’t been out there since the snow left. The Flats were a bit wet, but that is to be expected, it’s mostly a wetland, and it did rain the other day. After walking around the Flats for a while, we headed out to Pt. MacKenzie. I really had no plans to head out there, it just happened, I sort of just kept driving. Pt. MacKenzie is about the furthest point you can drive south west this side of the Knik Arm.

Views from Palmer Hay Flats

Cottonwood Creek – The mud around this part of the creek is clay, a very hard clay.

Cool looking clouds over the Flats


Bird in the Flats – Not sure what type of bird yet.

Knik Arm – You can see the flow in the water as the tide is going out.

Pond on the way out to Pt. MacKenzie

Looking across Knik Arm from Pt. MacKenzie

Anchorage from Pt. MacKenzie and Knik Arm

’til next time

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