“Toys In The Attic” by Aerosmith. That’s what I’m playing during this blog, and seeing as I didn’t have anything in my head for a title, well, this is it. Still though, it’s a damn good album, and a classic to boot. I do need to get a long patch cord so that I can connect up to the speakers we have in the living room, then I’d be able to play my music with some sort of good sound. As it is, I’m hearing this great music over my laptop speakers, hmm, sort of lame really, but it’s Aerosmith, old Aerosmith. Damn this is good stuff! Over time I tend to forget about some of the great music that I played in my late teens and early 20’s, I still think it’s some of the best ever put out.

On to today’s outing. Yes Ben, it was another nice day in Alaska, though we could stand with another day of rain, or two. I headed out to the Palmer Hay Flats again with the dogs, it’s a good area to let the dogs run without getting into trouble.

Please excuse me as I jam out to “Round And Round”, damn this is good.

Back to the day. We headed out walking along one of the paths, but found it a bit wet, so headed to the creek and followed that, much drier. Found a spot to cross one of the inlet creeks. Ya have to be careful ’round these, the mud is, umm, sticky, I mean really sticky. I put one foot in a spot to test, and it just about stayed there! I’m use to goopy mud, this is some sticky ass stuff. Only one or two inches deep will keep you there, at least your shoes. So anyway, as we crossed out further, the sun came out from behind some of the clouds, and got hot. The dogs seemed to have found some sort of critter a couple times, though I didn’t see anything, and they soon gave up. I enjoy it out on the flats, miles from anywhere, 28,000 acres worth, yes that’s right, Twenty Eight Thousand.

From Wildlife Conservation:
“Palmer Hay Flats is a 45 square mile complex of forest, wetlands, tidal sloughs, lakes and tideflats. Marsh and bog
communities predominate. The area subsided in the 1964 earthquake, before which it supported a drier grassland habitat.”

My thoughts just ran out…

Took a bunch of photos today, though it wasn’t the best day for it, the sky just wasn’t “there”.

Sandhill Crane


Eli (front) and Grizwald

Views from the Flats

Some buds of some sort

More photos to come…


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  1. Doing a lot of remenicing? That is fun and good for the ‘soul.’ LOL….We need to go back…then come forward to regroup…

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