Car Hunting

Jan and I went out car hunting this morning/early afternoon. Was rainy to start with, then slowly the clouds lifted, and now we have party cloudy skies with temps in the upper 60’s, just wonderful. We were going to head into Anchorage to look at a car, but the owner called and said that the person that looked at it yesterday is coming back, so we didn’t go. We thought, well, we have extra time now, why not go get some breakfast. We headed up to the Roadside Inn at mile 49.5 on the Parks Hwy. This was the first time going here. I have to say that the food really good and that this is just the type of place we’ve been looking for around here. It was plain good home type cooking, none of the fast food or chain crap food. We’ll be back! Oh, and the service was good too. After eating, we headed off to Palmer to look at another car. This car was a real piece of crap. We then headed down the Old Glen, stopped at the river, then headed down to Eagle River to look for cars. We didn’t see much, but our time was running short because Jan needed to get home and ready for work.

The hunt will continue.

I took a few photos while we stopped at Knik River.

Old Knik Bridge

Avalanche Zone

Looking up from Knik River

Looking across Knik River

’til next itme

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