Hatcher Pass Walk-About

Headed out this morning with the dogs for a little hike around Government Peak / Hatcher Pass area. I thought it would be a bit cool up there, being over 2000 feet, but no, it was hotter than shit on a shingle. We only had a couple hours today, Jan needed the Jeep for work in all, so we really didn’t explore as far as I would have liked, but it did allow me to see what the hike may have been if I had the time. Next time, and there will be a next time, I pack a lunch and hike up the mountain.

I’m still hunting for “my spot” to sit, relax, and just enjoy.

I can’t believe the temps today, we’ve have a high of 85.1*F. WOW! The good part of this heat is that there isn’t any humidity to make it feel crappy, just damn nice. Now granted, these temps are at our house and not the norm for the area. We are protected from any wind and the heat tends to build. No matter what, Alaska summers are great!

I took a ton of photos today, here are a good bunch for ya. I’ll sort through the rest tomorrow and post em.

Views from the hike

Little Susitna River

Beaver Pond

Some wild flowers and plants

Chocolate Lily (Fritillaria Camschatcensis)

Nootka Lupine (Lupinus Nootkatensis)

Chiming Bells (Mertensia Paniculata)

Yellow Paintbrush (Castilleja unalaschensis)

False Hellebore (Veratrum Eschscholtzii)


’til next time

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