12 More…So Far

Yes, we have had 12 more earthquakes since the 5.4 at 11:28 this morning. One, at 11:54 AM, was a 4.03, all the others have been in the 2’s and 3’s. The last one as of now was at 5:38 PM. No big deal, fun stuff really. 🙂

Other than the earthquakes, not much more going on today, ‘cept work.

Here are some more photos from this past weekend.

Old abandoned “home”

More from the Archangel area

Beaver Pond. Look how clear the water is.

Webfoot Prospect gold mine
If you look really close, in the center of the photo, you can see the mine shaft

Up close

Another gold mine. I believe it’s part of the Talkeetna Gold Mine. Look at the big rock, it’s smiling. 🙂

Wild Flowers
Narcissus-Flowered Anemone

Pacific Buttercup


I don’t know yet…

’til next time

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