Just The Dogs And Me

The day started off very over cast with haze and smoke from the fires up north. Figuring the day wouldn’t be that great for photos, I headed off to an area I haven’t been before. Headed up the Glen toward Sutton, took a left on Jonesville Mine Rd, and follow that for a ways. At one spot, ended up at Coyote Lake. I understand this is a great spot to hunt for fossils, I looked a bit, didn’t see much but some petrified wood, I’m sure there is more if you take the time. Then I headed back, and took a turn on another road that pasted by a small lake, quite nice little lake, though too busy around the shores with campers. Took another road that headed up, quite a wide road it was, but very busy with ATV’s. I could see that on a better day the views from this road would be great, though at this time, the haze was still around. ATV’s were everywhere, too busy for me, have to check this area out again at a later date.

So, it was still early enough in the day to head up Fishhook Rd. (Hatcher Pass). Driving there, it looked socked in with fog. haze, smoke, but as I started to climb up the road the skies started to clear, driving above it all. Drove up to Hatcher Pass, turned around and parked at a turn off. Took the dogs out for a good climb up the mountain side. We hung out for a bit on the mountain side, climbed back down, and headed home. On the way down, stopped at one of the pull offs, the skies were really clearing. We, the dogs and I, hiked up a path along side Fishhook Creek. What a nice area this is. Due to being later in the day, I thought I should be heading home, so I did. I’m thinking of heading back to this path tomorrow. We’ll see.

Da Photos from today…

Fireweed shots

Just some other shots with views

There is still lots of water runoff from the mountains thawing

Fog flowing up the valley in Hatcher Pass

Fishhook Rd – Hatcher Pass Proper

Fishhook Creek

Back at the beginning of the day, near Jonesville Coal Mine

Coal mine, I think

’til next time

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