A Disappointment Turning Out OK

It was sort of an overcast day to start out with, then cleared up a bit, then clouded up heavy. Anyway, I started out today to drive up Grubstake Gulch. All my maps show the road. I looked online, and what I could find said that the road is open for the public. Well, it’s all bullshit! As I head down the trail, which is off from Fishhook, it says “no outlet”, well no shit, it heads into the mountains and dead ends, I crossed a bridge crossing Willow Creek, then the trail comes to an end. It’s not really an end, just an end for autos, they put a berm up so that no auto traffic can get through. Now sure, this is a mining area, but damn, you can see the damn road heading up into the gulch, you just can’t get there without an ATV. Fuck em!

So, I headed back up Fishhook, turned down a little trail I’ve seen before, and followed that to it’s end, which wasn’t very far. From here I let the dogs out, and we headed down to the river, Willow Creek. What a great spot this was. I can see way I don’t see people down this way, it’s thick with bushes. Now remember, just about all this area is above the tree line, so all there is is bushes, if that. We snaked our way through the bushes down to the creek that I could hear from a long ways. Found a nice little waterfall and took a break there to let the dogs run.

Then, I headed home…

Fireweed over looking Matanuska Valley

Some falls at Willow Creek

Just a rock outcrop near the small falls I was exploring

Star Gentian

’til next time

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