Jeep Work and Clouds

Well, last night I started replacing my muffler on the Jeep. It didn’t go so well. Ya see, the damn muffler had broken, I mean, really broken. The flang that leads to the tailpipe ripped right out, leaving a large hole in the muffler and the flang stuck to the tailpipe. Worked on it for a couple hours last night, gave up. This morning, I had a fresh start at it. I ended up taking the tailpipe all the way out and cutting the flang off. Cutting the flang was a bit tricky, had to be careful not to cut into the tailpipe it self. After lots of small cuts, lots of using a rubber mallet and screwdriver ponding on it, it came off. Yay. Putting the whole thing, new parts, back together was a breeze. I now have a nice quiet Jeep again. 🙂

Had to take it out for a quick test drive, and get dog food, so I stopped for a couple photos of the clouds around the mountains. The sun was out, though had lots of thin clouds and haze today.

Jan is working at 6 Am tomorrow, so I hope to get out early with the dogs.

From today.

’til next time

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