The Weekend Plus

The plus means I had Monday off also. Jan had Sunday and Monday off before she starts management training in Anchorage, so I took Monday off also. The weather was sort of crappy most the weekend, and Monday, but we still got out in the afternoons. Sunday we headed up and over Hatcher Pass on down to Willow Creek to do some panning, panning for gold. We, they, Alex and Jan, didn’t pan for all the long, but they did find a lot of gold flakes. If there is that much flakes to be found, there is bound to be some larger pieces, we’ll be back to pan for a longer time. You do have to watch where you are though, as there is quite a few active claims in the area.

Monday started out with very heavy rain, but cleared up a bit later on in the afternoon. We took off to run some errands and go check out another house for rent out on Wolverine Rd. just outside of Palmer, this link it the house, but he is renting it, not just selling, Link to house. I talked with the guy that’s renting it, but he said he would have to think about us having 3 dogs, he states only one. Guess we’ll see.

Some of the photos I took…

Jan and Alex Panning

Willow Creek

Storm across the Matanuska River from Wolverine Rd.

Was quite nice in some areas, like the drive into Palmer

’til next time

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