Fall Colors

Yep, the leaves are stating to change, just a bit. We don’t get the reds and others up here, mostly yellows with the birch. That’s OK by me, being color blind, the red/green type, I don’t see much of the reds anyway. The bright yellows are great! We haven’t had a frost yet, or even anything close to it. The lows at night here at home have just touched the upper 40’s. I remember from last year, that by the time we arrived here, the colors were just about over with. So, in the next week or so we should be in full swing. Time to take a drive out the Glen!

We’re still on the hunt for a new place/home, just not finding much yet. For those of you that visit my blog from the Mat-Su, please let me know if you know of anything. Thanks.

Here’s a shot of one of the tree’s in the yard with some color starting.

’til next time

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