Mint Glacier Trail Hike

Took the dogs out again today for a hike. I decided to see what the Mint Glacier Trail was like, so we went. The trail mostly goes along the Little Susitna River, but most the time you’re walking a trail with tall bushes and tree on both sides. Still, the views are wonderful. You do have to make sure you make noise as you walk, there’s bears in the area. We didn’t hike the whole distance, it’s about a 16 mile round trip, but I did go about 2/3 the way, about 10 miles round trip. Was great weather, sunny skies and temps in the mid 60’s. It did start to cloud up a bit when I was heading back, though still great.

Here’s some of the photos from today…more to come. 🙂

Reflections in a beaver pond

Mint Glacier

In just a few minutes, the clouds rolled in.

Little Susitna River with Mint Glacier in the distance

Arkose Peak

Trail Views

Mountain Side Colors

’til next time

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