We’ll Just Call Him Asshole

As I said back on Saturday the 5th, I have a couple thing to talk about. One is just about the hike Archangel to Lane Prospect, but, the other, and most important, is about an asshole neighbor.

First, the asshole neighbor, direct neighbor, the one next door, the ONLY ONE WITHOUT a dog. Really, asshole is way too good a name for this asshole, but for simplistic sake, I’ll just call him/them Asshole, that’s with a capital A. The word we hear about Asshole is that he is a dog killer, not just a killer of people or wild animals for food, but dogs. If Asshole were a person that had killed a person or two, well, OK, I could let that go, people can defend themselves. But dogs, pets, more of a family member to some then family, can’t defend themselves, not from poison or a gunshot. Asshole doesn’t seem to like dogs, well MOVE then, you are living in the wrong damn state if you don’t like dogs. I don’t know of any other home around us that doesn’t have a dog or two, and most run free, free to play with the other dogs, free to shit in he’s or her’s friends yard, free to roam, and free to come home where it is loved. My feeling is, if you don’t like the dogs in your neighborhood, either move, or put up a fence. This does make me wonder, what if I were to walk over to Asshole’s house and leave a load in their yard. Would they shoot me?
Anyway, the guy has been reported, but there isn’t anything that can be done without real proof. All we have is a warning, then a dead dog. This is not one of our dogs that was killed, but one of our neighbors. We were warned about Asshole from our landlord from the beginning, that he was, well, an asshole and didn’t like dogs. Well Asshole, FUCK YOU!

The second story is just going to have to wait, again.

Here are a few more photos from this past weekend.

Views along the Mint Glacier Trail

’til next time

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