Fall in Alaska, and Asshole Neighbor Part II

First, fall in Alaska. Yes, it’s beautiful, all the Birch, Aspen, and Cottonwoods in their glorious yellows. Add to that and some termination dust on the mountain tops makes for some of the great fall colors I’ve seen, though there aren’t the different shades of red that we got in Michigan. Now for the smell. The smell of fall, ahh, what a wonderful smell of ASS, dirty ass at that. At first you can smell the usual smells of fall, the leaves, the scent of the winter to come, the scent of wood burning to heat homes and so on. But, after a week or two, there is this scent, well, not really a scent, an odor, an odor of ass, yes ass, it’s the only way I know how to describe it. I believe it is the Highbush Cranberries, not sure though, but it really isn’t a pleasant smell, not to me anyway, others seem to like it, hmm. The good thing is, is that this ass smell doesn’t last long and the rest of fall continues on. Another note about fall here, most say it comes much earlier in Alaska and last much shorter then the -48. Not true! It all depends on where you’re from. I remember heading up to the Keweenaw Peninsula at this time of year to catch the last, peak colors. I also remember most the times I was up there it snowed, yes snow, just the wet early stuff, but none the less, snow, and that cold wind off Lake Superior, Yahoo! Don’t tell me that Alaska has an early and short fall, I’ve lived. Oh, by the way, they are calling for some snow action come Tuesday morning, ya know, just that wet stuff that melts right away.

Ahh fall, I do love it so!

Now on to the neighbor, you know, the one I spoke of before, Asshole, Worthless Skin, Bear Food, Toe Fungus, DickCheeseMotherFuckerMayYouRotInHellAsshole, Yep, you guessed, we finally got into it, a word fight that is. Anyway, I had just come home from taking the dogs out for a run, Griz, then Eli, jump out of the Jeep, Griz heads for the door of the house, Eli does his usual thing, run around the yard for a bit before coming in. I go inside, within seconds I hear Eli barking, I thought it was a moose, but no, it was Asshole. Eli was standing at “about” our property line, (just so you know, this happens to be our closest neighbor, all others are a few yards away), barking, barking at Asshole. I ran down there to get Eli, that’s when Asshole let loose on me. He started telling me that if “this” dog ever comes near to his property again, I would be dragging his body back home dead. Well, needless to say, that set me off, and boy did it. I started by telling him that I’ve already heard about how he was about animals and that there was no worry, we’d be moving soon and that I have also heard of one dog killed by his hands. That’s when the yelling started. He called me every name in the book, and I back to him, the Asshole. When he told me that the next time our dog came near his yard I would be dragging him home dead, that’s when I told him, Asshole, that if he did that, his slut wife would be dragging him, Asshole, back home.
To make this story shorter, they called the troopers out at me. The troopers came to the door, saw Eli, and sort of laughed saying, “this is the effending dog?”. Yes, Eli greeted them like he does everyone else, with love. The troopers told me that they have read the other report against Asshole, and to just take it easy and not get into another fight with them, they are being watched.

So, there ya go Asshole, if you read this blog, or can read at all, FUCK YOU!

On to nicer things…Photos. 🙂

Matanuska Peak

Mount Palmer with Hunter Creek Glacier

Looking across part of the Hay Flats

Looking across Matanuska River

Old Matanuska River Bridge

Pioneer Peak with “The Butte” in the foreground


’til next time

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