Quick Trip to Hatcher Pass

Yesterday after Jan got home from work, we headed up to Hatcher Pass to check out the snow. Yep, theres snow alright, and by the look of it, about 4 – 6 inches. As we were heading back down the sun was starting to set, up there anyway. The clouds and mountains looked great in the setting sun light.

One disappointment, they have closed the gate for the road out to Archangel Valley. I was really hoping to get out there once more before they closed it off. Guess I have to keep my fingers X’d and hope that they keep the road up to Hatcher Pass Summit open through this coming weekend.

Looking out across the Matanuska Valley toward the Chugach Mountains. Palmer is down on the left side.

Little closer view.

Another view, from up higher.

Some of the sunset shining on the clouds and mountains.

And, here is Maddie, Jan and Alex

’til next time

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