The Weekend, New Job, and Getting Older

Yeah, didn’t do much this past weekend. Two reasons; one, was quite windy through the whole weekend, and two, just didn’t feel much like it, I was enjoying the 3 days off after 11 straight of work. All in all, was a nice relaxing weekend.

Today I start my new job in PEM (Photo, Electronics and Music). I don’t start until 1 this afternoon, then out at 10 PM. Quite the change from the last 8 months of starting at 6 AM. Should be interesting and a nice change. Looking forward to it.

And tomorrow……. I turn the big Five O, yes, 50 years old. smile_omg Half a Century. Available for AARP. Old Goat.

Couple more photos from the other day during sunrise.

Hatcher Pass Sunrise 103109.03.1024

Hatcher Pass Sunrise 103109.04.1024

’til next time

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