Palmer Hay Flats

Finally, yes finally, today was the first day I was able to take the dogs out on the Flats for the winter season. The big thing I was waiting for was for Cottonwood Creek to freeze over, and after all the cold days and nights we’ve had, it has. We didn’t have to cross the creek as it turns out, we crossed the bridge. Now let me tell ya, this bridge is a great a thing for us human type, but for dogs it’s a different story. The bridge, it’s really just a metal structure crossing Cottonwood Creek, is not the best thing for dogs to walk on, it has a grated surface with lots of large perforated holes. This is great for us bipeds with large(ish) platforms to walk on, these holes pose no problem, but to dogs, a whole different story. Grizwald, the Aussie mix and brilliant one, had no problem spreading his feet wide while watching where he was walking. Now comes Eli, yeah, the one that thinks moose are friends. He starts to cross then realizes that this thing he is walking on isn’t all that great. I have to couch on, telling him it’s OK. Now remember, he is the bigger of the two, with much larger feet. Either way, he makes it a cross, as slow as it may be, then we headed out, out into the flat, flat lands of the once grazing lands, before earthquake of ’64 that lowered these 45 square miles, of the Palmer Hay Flats. It really is surreal out there with the mountains flanking in two thirds of you, and nothing but openness.

Anyway, we headed back as the sun started to go back behind the clouds and start to set.

Views for the flats.

Hay Flats 112109.01.1024

Cook Inlet ice flow

Cook Inlet 112109.01.1024

Cook Inlet 112109.02.1024

Pioneer Peak

Pioneer Peak 112109.01.1024

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks 112109.01.1024

OK, really big panorama of Palmer Hay Flats here.

Hay Flats Pano112109.01.1024


Sundog 112109.01.1024

’til next time

p.s. I’ll be posting more photos to this post. 🙂

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