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Wholly Crap, 7 days have passed from the time I last posted.

Well, where do I begin? I guess I should start by saying that I have now dealt with my first “Black Friday”. I have never shopped during one, let along work one, and this year I worked one. I started the the morning at 4 AM to get ready for the doors to be opened at 5 AM. Low and behold, they opened the doors early, 10 minutes early. I was just finishing up setting one last thing and in came this swarm of people. Yikes, what the fuck time is it I thought. Looked at the clock and it was 10 minutes early, 4:50 AM. Not going to go into details about the day, I really can’t remember that much anyway due to it being so damn busy, but I will say that I have never seen so many people hurrying to get “things”. There are sales on the same “things” off and on all the time, just watch the damn paper and you can get the same deal as you could on “Black Friday”. I just don’t get it.

One thing that really made my day, really it happened the night before but it hung with us, was when the assistant department manager took a sign off one of pallets of “things” and hung it on one of my co-workers, a black co-worker and one hell of a great guy, the two of us have lots of laughs. The sign read ” Black Friday”. Now with said co-work found out about the sign the first thing out of his mouth was “So what’s next week? Nigger Tuesday?” The bunch of us almost fell to the ground laughing, the timing and the way he said it couldn’t have been better. Now don’t get a PC over this, for one, being politically correct is bullshit in my mind, and the other is that this was a black guy saying this. Honestly though, this really was one of the funniest impromptu things I have heard in some time.

Today, the start of my weekend. I started off by shoveling about 2/3 of the drive then headed out with the dogs to get dog food and some other bits and pieces. We got the dog food then headed up toward Hatcher Pass to see if this one road was open yet. Oddly enough the gate for the road is only open during the winter. It was, so I let the dogs run for a bit before heading home. I hope to get back up there tomorrow to do some hiking around. The following photos are from near the parking area from the end of the short road.

Road to Nowhere 112909.01.1024 

Road to Nowhere 112909.02.1024

Views 112909.01.1024

Views 112909.02.1024 

Views 112909.03.1024

Looking down on Hatcher Pass Road (Fishhook Road)

Views 112909.04.1024

Gertie in the parking area

Jeep in parking area 112909.01.1024

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