Cloudy Day With The Dogs

Headed out today just after 12 noon with the dogs to the area we were at yesterday to do a bit more exploring. Upon arrival, there was a guy plowing the parking lot, very large parking lot. Now, in my last post I stated that this area is open only during winter, why I have no idea, but it is one big area to keep cleared all winter. Anyway, hiked up for a ways in the knee deep snow, think I need some snowshoes, until I came to a hill top. After climbing in knee deep snow, this was fair enough. The view from here was wonderful, though my photos didn’t turn out very well. Looking up at Government Peak from here I can see that it’s a long climb, but very doable come summer. The odd thing about up there in the Hatcher Pass area is when there is lots of wind, like today, you don’t seem to get much there. Must be something to due with the mountains surrounding.
As you can see in a couple photos, there was some blue sky, just not where I was, way off to the north east.

Looking down on the Little Susitna River

Little Susitna River 113009.01.1024

Moose in the brush

Moose 113009.01.1024

Moose 113009.02.1024

Some Views.

Views 113009.01.1024

Views 113009.02.1024

’til next time

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