Another Week Gone

Once again another week has past without me posting. I guess my work schedule has got a hold of me. I’ve been working some odd hours, at least for me. Some mornings then evening the again a morning. It really fucks with me. We have a new manager as of this past Sunday and it sounds like she will be matching people up with some more regular hours. Good! I did have today off, but work again the next 3 days, then off again. I hope to get out with the dogs this next day off.

So today I really didn’t do much of anything. The only time I was really out of the house was when I ran off to get a bag of chips. I took some photos during that time. After all, it was a beautiful day, nice sunny clear day with a high temp of 17


  1. Michigan is starting to look a little bit like Alaska… Fucking snow won’t quit. A least you have cool mountains to look at…

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