Start of a New Decade

First off.
Happy New Year and the start to a new decade.
And hope everyone had a great Christmas.

And now the news (in the voice of Paul Harvey).

We had a nice Christmas here. I got a great boot/shoe drier, something I’ve always wanted, and needed.

I haven’t posted much lately due to just not having much time to do so. With work, life, and all that stuff, I just haven’t had much time to do much of anything. Haven’t even had much time to take the dogs out for runs. It’s ok though, this time of year there isn’t much daylight to be out in, but we’re gaining about 2 minutes of light a day now.

Work news. Yikes! It has been many years since I’ve worked in retail during the holiday season. Even back then, it really wasn’t retail, it was in a bar. Man O Man, it really is nuts. And the people, well, lets just say that it really brings out everyone, and I mean everyone. Some can be complete and udder assholes, thinking that the world revolves around them and that we should kiss their feet. Fuck ’em. Lets see, you wait until the last couple days before Xmas and complain that you have to wait in lines to check out. Hmm, seems to me that maybe you should have gotten off your lazy ass and shopped a bit sooner. DUH!

I met someone yesterday that lives in Willow, AK and Skanee MI., most her family still live in Skanee. Yes, Skanee, population of about 30, way up there along Lake Superior in the Huron Mountains.

Anyway, had a chance to head out for a nice hike with the dogs today. We headed up to Hatcher Pass area, then out toward Archangel Valley.

I’ll be posting photos as I get them developed.


On my way to Archangel Valley, I drove through Palmer and stopped here.

Matanuska River 123109.01.1024

Reed Creek Valley

Reed Creek Valley 123109.01.1024

Views along the walk up Archangel Valley

Archangel Valley 123109.01.1024

Archangel Valley 123109.02.1024

Archangel Valley 123109.03.1024

Archangel Valley 123109.04.1024

Archangel Valley 123109.05.1024

Beaver Lodge

Beaver Lodge 123109.01.1024

’til next time

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