Hurricane Turn Train

Had a great day travelling the Hurricane Turn Train today.

One of the coolest things about this train ride is that it is also a whistle stop train. We made many stops along the way. One of these stops were to an older fella that lived right along the tracks, the train stopped, unloaded a number of boxes, talked with the guy for a minute, and then the train took off up the rail. Coo stuff!

The whole ride was very relaxing, and we were able to move about the train just about anywhere we wanted. There were only about 20 people on the whole train. Most boarded in Anchorage, four, including us, boarded in Wasilla, and a hand full others got on in Talkeetna.

I took loads of photos, around 800 or so, but most of them are taken while we were moving and also through the train’s windows. Some turned out ok, others didn’t.


Denali from Hurricane Gulch

Denali 010710.01.1024 

Alaska Range from Hurricane Gulch

Hurricane Gulch 010710.01.1024

This mornings sunrise from the train

Sunrise 010710.01.1024

Train arriving at the Wasilla Depot

Train arriving at Wasilla Depot 010710.01.1024

Train arriving at Wasilla Depot 010710.02.1024


One of the many remote cabins we either past or stopped at to deliver mail  and other goods. Whistle Stop.

Remote Cabin 010710.01.1024

Curry Alaska

Curry Alaska 010710.02.1024

Curry Alaska 010710.01.1024

Curry Alaska 010710.03.1024

Jan enjoying the views and a Pringle

Jan enjoying the views and a Pringle 010710.1024

Denali along the trip up

Denali 010710.02.1024

Talkeetna from the train

Talkeetna 010710.01.1024

Talkeetna 010710.02.1024

Susitna River

Susitna River 010710.1024

’til next time

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