So we had a bit of a wind storm a few days ago, it lasted for about 2 1/2 days with winds reaching over 80 MPH. Here at home we didn’t get the blunt of the winds, though we sure felt them. At times I could even feel the house move a bit, sway. The funny part of it all was when Jan and I were talking about the winds I said, “hmm, now if it was snowing very hard right now, with all these winds, it would be just like back in Michigan.” I really do find the weather up here, well, quite boring. No big snow storms, the winds are just winds, no big thunder storms, not even any thunder snow. Don’t get me wrong though, I sure don’t miss the heat of summer, but I do miss some of the storms, may it be in summer or winter.

Valley winds whip roof off house, through neighborhood


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