Quick Day Out

Finally had a chance to get out after working the past 10 days. Didn’t really do much, I’ll wait until tomorrow for that, but I did head up to Hatcher Pass for a bit.

The leaves on the trees are starting to “spring” out now. Ice is off Lake Wasilla and the beach is full, though no swimming yet. Temps have been in the upper 50’s on cloudy days and upper 60’s on sunny days. And, the biggest chance is the amount of daylight we have. We are still gaining about 6 minutes per day, with sunset not until about 10:20pm, but twilight lasts until about min-night.

Alpine Marmot. This guy was just hanging out by the side of the road.

Alpine Marmot 050610.01.1024

Alpine Marmot 050610.02.1024

Alpine Marmot 050610.03.1024

Alpine Marmot 050610.04.1024

One of today’s views

Hatcher Pass View 050610.01.1024

Hatcher Pass Lodge

Hatcher Pass Lodge 050610.02.1024

Hatcher Pass View 050610.02.1024

Hatcher Pass View 050610.03.1024

’til next time

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