Drive Into A Closed Hatcher Pass

I have today and tomorrow off, and the weather looks to be great.

Today I Took a drive up to Willow then Willow – Fishhook Rd. I thought I’d have to turn around at the gate for Hatcher Pass, but I was wrong. They were grating and removing snow from Hatcher Pass and one of the workers running a grater told me I could go through, just watch out for the mud. I thought wow, nice guy to let me through on the still closed road. Not a person around ‘cept for two loaders punching a hole through the snow at the Pass.
It was really something to be up there before the road was open yet. The guy told me the gate at the Willow end will be open from now on, but he will be parking his grater across the road so that no one will drive through until it is open for the summer.
Kind of funny, he looked at me, looked at my Jeep, then me again, that’s when he said it was OK for me to drive on up. He said just be careful because the road is still very muddy. And it sure was! I wouldn’t want to take any type of car up there right now.

Now I have to think of somewhere to go tomorrow.Hmm, think I’ll stay down low in the lush green of spring.

Willow Ptarmigan

Willow Ptarmigan 052010.01.1024

Willow Ptarmigan 052010.02.1024

The road is almost through. Punching a hole through Hatcher Pass. In about 10 days the road will be open to the public.

Almost Through 052010.01.1024

Almost Through 052010.02.1024

Almost Through 052010.03.1024

Common Goldeneye

Common Goldeneye Duck 052010.01.1024

Common Goldeneye Duck 052010.02.1024

Craigie Creek Valley

Craigie Creek Valley 052010.01.1024

Bear Den

Bear Den 052010.01.1024

Views along Fishhook Rd.

Fishhook Views 052010.01.1024

Fishhook Views 052010.02.1024

Fishhook Views 052010.03.1024

Fishhook Views 052010.04.1024

Moose along the way

Moose 052010.01.1024

Moose 052010.02.1024

Willow Creek

Willow Creek 052010.01.1024

Luck Shot Gold Mine with Alaska Range in the back ground

Alaska Range and Luck Shot Gold Mine 052010.01.1024

More views.

Fishhook Views 052010.05.1024

Fishhook Views 052010.06.1024

Fishhook Views 052010.07.1024

Fishhook Views 052010.08.1024

Yellow Warbler

Yellow Warbler 052010.01.1024

’til next time

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