Another Quick Outing

I needed to do some grocery shopping, so I grabbed the dogs and headed out. Saw some cool looking clouds just as I got on the main road, so I headed out KGB to see if I could capture them. Got some shots there, then headed down to the Hay Flats to let the dogs run. After that we headed to do the shopping, then back home. I don’t normally do much on these holiday weekends, too damn busy out there with idjits.

Now it’s time to watch the Stanley Cup Finals.

Shooting Star

Shooting Star 052910.01.1024

The Aliens are coming, the aliens are coming. 🙂

Lenticular Clouds

Alien Clouds 052910.01.1024

Looking across Knik Arm

Knik Inlet 052910.01.1024

Across Knik Arm with Lenticular clouds

Across Knik Arm with Lenticular clouds 052910.01.1024

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