First Hike

Took my first true hike of the summer today. After days and days of sunshine, we have finally gotten some rain, today included. The rain was only hit and miss, so I grabbed the dogs and headed out to see if Hatcher Pass proper was open yet. It was not, and neither was Archangel Valley Rd. This was quite a disappointment. I had really hoped to take a drive up through the Pass then head out Archangel. So, we stopped at a spot I’ve hiked a little ways before, only this time I hoofed it up further. Wow was I rewarded. I had reached to a plateau that I planned to rest a bit and take in the views, but, as I stood there I could hear the rushing sound of a river. Hearing this, I headed toward the sound, came over a small ridge and holly shit what a view. My photos don’t do it justice.

Fishhook Creek

Fishhook Creek 060410.01.1024

Fishhook Creek 060410.02.1024

Fishhook Creek 060410.03.1024

Fishhook Creek 060410.04.1024

Wild Geranium

Wild Geranium 060410.01.1024

Not sure what kind of plant this is, but I thought it looked cool

Plant 060410.01.1024

Some of the back country views during my hike

Hatcher Back Country 060410.01.1024

Hatcher Back Country 060410.02.1024

’til next time
Ed and da dogs

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