Archangel Valley…Again

So after having a long shitty week I finally have a couple days off. Today we, the dogs and I, headed back up to Archangel Valley. I checked Hatcher Pass proper to see if it was open yet, nope. That’s when I decided to head back out Archangel Valley.

Rain down in the Mat-Su Valley

Mat-Su Valley Rain 061810.01.1024

Fairangel Creek

Fairangel Creek 061810.01.1024

Fairangel Creek 061810.02.1024

Fairangel Creek 061810.03.1024


Reflections 061810.01.1024

Foggy ‘n Snowy Peaks

Foggy n Snowy Peaks 061810.01.1024

Harlequin duck

Harlequin Duck 061810.01.1024

The Lord and Lady – Harlequin’s

Harlequin Duck 061810.02.1024

Beaver Pond

Beaver Pond 061810.01.1024

Eli swimming!

Eli Swimming 061810.01.1024

Eli Swimming 061810.02.1024

’til next time

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