Just a Short Walk

Had to make a run for TP that I had forgotten yesterday, so on the way, sort-of, I went down to Reflections Lake for a little walk.

Reflections Lake

Reflections Lake 061910.01.1024

Reflections Lake 061910.02.1024

Pioneer Peak

Pioneer Peak 061910.01.1024

Wild Iris

Wild Iris 061910.01.1024

Wild Iris 061910.02.1024

Wild Rose

Wild Rose 061910.01.1024

Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars 061910.01.1024

I think this is a Vetch.not sure though

Vetch 061910.01.1024

Roses ‘n Blue Bells

Roses and Blue Bells 061910.01.1024

’til next time

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