Pretties ‘n Fungus

While taking the dogs out for a pee ‘n poop break I saw these little flowers. Then I came across this fungus/mushroom, it had to be close to a foot wide and about 8 inches tall.

Had the day off, but didn’t do a damn thing. In fact, I took a short nap, which is something I haven’t done in, well, I don’t remember when. Felt good!

Heard from a great friend from Michigan this morning. We talked for quite some time. Was great to here from him again. As bad as Michigan’s economy is right now, sounds like he and his family are doing well. Great to hear.

I also want to thank Eric for the call this morning. Thank You Eric. 🙂
And, Dawn, thank you for relaying my number around back in MI.

And, one more thing. I want to say hiya to all back at LTBB.

Tomorrow I  hope to get out with the dogs for a nice long hike.

Pink Pyrola – Arctic Wintergreen

Pink Pyrola - Arctic Wintergreen 063010.01.1024

Pink Pyrola - Arctic Wintergreen 063010.02.1024

Dwarf Dogwood

Dwarf Dogwood 063010.01.1024


Twinflower 063010.01.1024

And now the Fungus
Birch Bolete – Mushroom

Birch Bolete - Mushroom 063010.01.1024

’til next time

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