Bullion Mountain Ridge

Today I headed out to climb Bullion Mountain Ridge. And that I did! I started out around 9 this morning, took about an hour to get there, then climbed and explored for about 6 hours at around 4800 FT. Eek, I took 593 photos today. Now it’s time to sort out the good from the bad. Well, now I’m down to 113. 🙂

The day started out nice and sunny, but as I arrived at the Ridge, the fog and clouds were rolling through. As the day went on, it got nicer and nicer. Was a great day to be out for a hike.

I have so many photos to post that it’s going to take a few extra postings.

View from Fishhook Rd. on the way up to Hatcher Pass

View from Fishhook Rd. 070110.01.1024

Where I’m heading, Bullion Mountain Ridge.

Bullion Mountain Ridge 070110.01.1024

This was taken after I came back down.
This is the hiking path to the cabin. Then I hiked up further to the left along the ridge.

Heading UP 070110.01.1024

Almost to the cabin, in the fog.

Almost to the Cabin 070110.01.1024

Looking down in the fog.

Looking down in the Fog 070110.01.1024

The cabin, in fog.

Cabin in the Fog 070110.01.1024

My GPS show altitude.

GPS View 070110.01.1024 

GPS View 070110.02.1024

Eli enjoying the snow and view from the top.

Eli enjoying the snow 070110.01.1024

Couple views from inside the cabin.

Cabin View 070110.01.1024

Cabin View 070110.02.1024

A random view.

Hike Views 070110.01.1024

Some wild flowers.

Whorled Lousewort.I think.

Whorled Lousewort 070110.01.1024

Arctic Willow

Arctic Willow 070110.01.1024

Moss Campion

Moss Campion 070110.01.1024

Mountain Saxifrage

Mountain Saxifrage 070110.01.1024

Many more photos from this hike up Bullion Mountain, and the ones to come are some really great ones.

’til next time

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