A Wee Bit of a Walk-About

I had no plans for today, didn’t even know if I was going out or not. But, when I woke up, looked out the window, I knew I had to get out in the warm sun. Although the sun slowly faded behind the clouds as the day went on, it was still a great day to be outdoors. Aren’t they all?

We, the dogs and I, headed up the Archangel again, only this time I found a spot that looked nice and stopped, walked up a small hill and onto the tundra. No trails, no tracks, nothing but beauty surrounding me.

Weeeeee, just as I’m posting this we had a really nice earth quake. 🙂
A nice 5.25 Magnitude.

Some of the photos I took today.

Broken Peak.

Broken Peak 070710.01.1024

Broken Peak 070710.02.1024

Looking down Archangle Valley

Down Archangel 070710.01.1024

Looking up.

Up Archangel 070710.01.1024

A lone tree. There are no other trees of any size anywhere in sight.

Lone Tree 070710.01.1024

Lupine View

Lupine View 070710.01.1024

Small creek that the dogs enjoyed seeing.they needed a drink.

Small Creek 070710.01.1024

Some wild flowers

Spring Beauty

Spring Beauty 070710.01.1024

Berry Blossoms

Berry Blossoms 070710.01.1024 

Not sure what this is.

Flowering Something 070710.01.1024 

Dandelion and Lupine

Dandelion and Lupine 070710.01.1024

’til next time

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