D-Day, as in Divorce Day.Yep, today is/was the day that we, Jan and I, went to the courthouse in Palmer to finalize our divorce. This was the final step in the process, although we are still legally married until the letter from the court arrives in the mail, our marriage has ended. Alaska has a pretty quick process in regards to this, it goes back a good number of years when women would come up here to marry some guy and find out later that, well, for one, he may not bathe but once a month or for some other reason he’s just not right for her, and then she, or he, can get a divorce quite quickly and get the hell out. This isn’t the case with us, it’s just, um, not working out.

I do feel that Jan and I will still be good friends, but it will take a bit of time for both of us, but I’m sure we will. Afterwards, after being in the courthouse that is, we talked for a few minutes, hugged, cried, and went on our way, me home and Jan back to work.

I’ll always be there for Jan, what ever it may be, I’ll be there, and I feel she’ll be the same for me. We are both going through some shit, but I wont go into that.

One more thing, I need a new damn keyboard! I spilt something on it quite some time ago and just can’t get the keys from sticking. Dammit!

Couple photos from last week in Archangel Valley that I haven’t taken the time to process.

Down Archangel 070710.02.1024

Mountain Creek 070710.02.1024

Archangel Views 070710.01.1024

Bud 070710.01.1024

’til next time

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  1. I remember my first divorce took place in Alaska. Pretty neat how easy that was. We are still raising kids together, so we gotta stay friends kind of. But I don’t envy your position. It friggin hurts! My man is gone right now and I miss him something awful. He wants to go to Alaska one day. Hopefully with me. I dreamed I was back in Alaska. I think it was with him. Anyway, I made a move, made plans, changed my life, and then poof, he is gone.. hopefully just for now… sigh. Hang in there my friend.

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