Walk-a-About To Lane Hut

The day wasn’t the greatest weather wise, but I grabbed the dogs and headed out anyway. The weather report called for clearing this afternoon, so I thought I might try to hike up to Lane and Snowbird Glaciers. Both of these are a few miles hike past the end of Archangel Rd. We made it as far as Lane Hut, groups maintain these old mining huts for climbers to hunker down in incase of bad weather. I was just about cloud height. The skies never did clear, in fact, I got sort of cold and had to dig out the coat out of my backpack. Sure am glad I’ve started carrying my pack.

I hung out at Lane Hut for a while, eat lunch, hoping the skies would clear, then headed back.

On the way back I heard a splash in one of the many beaver ponds. Stopped, looked around, and sure enough, there were two beavers swimming around and diving at something, fish maybe.

Jan was going to be around the house today so I wanted to be sure to be out to give her some peace while she was here.


One of the beavers. I shot lots of photos of this guy swimming around and diving.

Beaver 071410.01.1024

Lane Hut. As you can see the clouds are hanging low up here.

Lane Hut 071410.01.1024

Waterfall on the way up. It doesn’t really show, but this fall is at least 20 tall.

Waterfall 071410.01.1024

A ground squirrel watching me up near the Hut.

ground squirrel 071410.01.1024

A view on the drive out.

Archangel Views 071410.01.1024

The road on the way back down.

Archangel Rd 071410.01.1024

Holboells Rockcress

Holboells Rockcress 071410.01.1024

’til next time

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