Reed Lakes Trail

Woke up early today, around 4:30am, crawled out of bed about 6am when I saw the sun was shining. Seeing the sun I decided to grab the dogs and head out for a hike. After getting gas, food and arriving up into Archangel, the clouds had rolled back in. I didn’t care. We headed up Reed Lakes Trail, I’ve never been up the trail because I’ve always driven further up Archangel Rd. There was only one car parked in the small parking area for the trail, a good sign, though it was early still. The walk up the trail is really an easy walk until you get past the old Reed Creek town site (an old gold mine site), then the trail starts to climb, and climb it does. With all the rain we’ve had of late the climb was quite muddy, no big deal it’s just mud, though it did make it quite slick at times as the climb was steep. I got up as far as a really nice waterfall then a little further before the rain started. There was a nice hanging glacier just to my right as I was heading up also. Not being prepared for the rain, I hadn’t planned on hiking this far, I headed back down.  All-in-all was a good day out with the dogs.

I took quite a few photos, but I’ll just have to see how they turn out with the weather as it was.

Friendly Marmot, Mr. Whistles.



Reed Creek Falls

Reed Creek Falls 081210.01.1024

Hanging Glacier

Hanging Glacier 081210.01.1024

Looking down on the old town site. All that is really left is the building you can see in this photo. There are others, just ruins though.

Old Reed Creek Townsite 081210.01.1024

Couple more views during the hike.

Views 081210.01.1024

Views 081210.02.1024

’til next time

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  1. i think those marmots are so cute

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