Iron Maiden Rocks Again

Iron Maiden – The Final Frontier

Released today, 08.17.10, rocks!

Okay, so I thought that they were no longer a band let alone still alive, but I was wrong. They still rock! Another old timer back to their roots. progressive rock. Not any of the pop rock that makes money, but REAL music, real rock-in-roll! Play it a few times, and if you still don’t understand.go home and play your Justin Bieber kiddy rock.

“Iron Maiden were also honoured by the Brit Awards for the very first time, being crowned Best British Live Act, ahead of Coldplay, The Verve and Elbow and the film Flight 666 won the best music documentary award at SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas.”

“Maiden is now more than ever a thinking man’s band. They are and have always been a mix of British rock, metal, and prog. They do not fit neatly into the narrow niche that "metal" has become over the years. Yes, they are still heavy a lot of the time, but they are also doing rock and folk influenced parts, drawing on influences like The Who, Wishbone Ash, and UFO. I bet a lot of the people slagging this album have never listened to those bands. I think a lot of the backlash against their recent stuff is from narrow minded metal heads who just want everything to be heavy and fast, and can’t appreciate slower, lighter, more thoughtful material. If you like to hang out in a wife beater, you probably will not like this album. If you think it’s cool to pound a bunch of cheap canned beer and then crush the cans on your forehead, look elsewhere. But if you actually appreciate GREAT MUSIC, whether it is heavy or not, then Maiden is still one of the greatest bands in the world and you will probably love this album!”

Get to your local record store and buy it!

Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier VOORKANT

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