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So I woke up around 5am today, thought of getting out of bed and going for an early hike, it didn’t go that way, I fell back to sleep. After napping for about another hour or so I finally crawled out of bed, got some coffee, showered, packed a couple thing and headed out for a hike with the dogs.

We headed out and up to the Hatcher Pass area then into Archangel Valley. Was really pretty with the sun, ya know, haven’t seen it in some time now. I thought I was early enough to beat most people, how wrong I was. Every turn-off, every parking spot, even along the road to the point of almost blocking the road, was filled with people picking berries. So, we drove up, turned around and headed to the other side, Willow side, of Hatcher Pass knowing that most people stop at the summit and don’t go much further. I was right.

Parked the Jeep and headed up a ridge that has a small pond on it. We walked for only a few miles on the lumpy tundra, stopping often for a sit and to take it all in.

Just filtered through close to 400 photos and weaned them down to 82 keepers. Now to go through those.

Here are a couple.

View from Archangel Rd. looking up the valley where the Little Susitna River starts, Mint Glacier.

Up the Valley 081910.01.1024

Hiked up to that lump with the pond to it’s right, then hiked on to the small group of tree you can see just peeking up. Alaska Range in the far distance.

Heading There 081910.01.1024

Hatcher Pass Lodge

Hatcher Pass Lodge 081910.01.1024

As I was on my way back I heard this very loud helicopter. I looked around, up mainly, but didn’t see anything until this Chinook rose and through the valley. I was standing higher then the Chinook was flying. Very Cool!

Chinook 081910.01.1024

Looks like someone is enjoying the view. 🙂

Chinook 081910.02.1024

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  1. I used to love going to Hatcher Pass with my mom and dad as a youth. Then I would take Alicia up there when she was a small child. These photos are just awesome. Good memories. Can’t wait to see the area again someday!

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