Not Much To Say

I don’t really have much to say, been working odd hours, the 11am – 8 pm shift. Can’t get much done or do much working that shift, kind of sucks. But, I’m working at 7am the next two days and at 6am Tuesday. Those are the shifts I really like, early ones. Then two days off.

So anyway, like I said, not much to say, so here are some more photos from the other day.

Plateau View 081910.07.1024

Plateau View 081910.08.1024

Star Gentian

Star Gentian 081910.01.1024

Star Gentian 081910.02.1024 

A few more of the Chinook and the other copter that flew through Hatcher Pass.

Chinook 081910.03.1024

Chinook 081910.04.1024

Chinook 081910.05.1024

’til next time

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