Looks To Be A Lazy Day

I have my usual Wed. and Thur. days off. Today doesn’t look to be a very nice day, just very overcast. Tomorrow looks to be quite a bit nicer for a hike. I’ll most likely just kick around the house today, but we’ll see.

Views 082510.06.1024

From the top on Bullion Mountain, looking along one of the ridges, a very rocky and rugged one.

Rocky Ridge 082510.01.1024

Rocky Ridge 082510.02.1024

Path along/around the bowl

Path Around the Bowl 082510.01.1024

Path Around the Bowl 082510.02.1024

Looking up. These rocks were huge and looked like they could start rolling down at any time.

Along the Trail Looking Up 082510.01.1024

Almost back down. My Jeep is at the end of the road, just visible.

Almost Down 082510.01.1024

In Black & White

Almost Down-BW 082510.01.1024

Eli. Again

Eli 082510.02.1024

Marmot trying to hide on a rock

Marmot 082510.01.1024

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