Photos From The Other Day


Fall Colors are starting

Fall Colors 090210.01.1024

Some waterfall shots.

Falls 090210.01.1024

Falls 090210.02.1024

Falls 090210.03.1024

Falls 090210.04.1024

Falls 090210.05.1024

Not sure, but this sure looked like a Fault Line to me.

Fault Line 090210.01.1024

Random Views

Views 090210.01.1024

Views 090210.02.1024

Views 090210.03.1024

Views 090210.04.1024

Views 090210.05.1024

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  1. just beautiful Ed!!! I am missing Alaska big time….hurrying to get thing gone thru and ready to sell the house….can’t wait until next spring to be headed up for good!! Your photos make it easier…just like being there!thanks

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