Photo Trickle

Think I’ll be trickling in the photos from yesterday. I’ll keep updating this post, so if interested, keep coming back and refresh your browser to see new photos from along the Denali Hwy.and a few others.

*09.17.10 Updated with new photos starting at the top of “Views along the road”.

Gulkana Glacier

Gulkana Glacier 091510.02.1024

Gulkana Glacier 091510.01.1024

Same shot, only in black ‘n white

Gulkana Glacier BW 091510.01.1024

More from Tangle Lake

Tangle Lake 091510.02.1024

Tangle Lake 091510.03.1024

Views along the road.

Susitna River 091510.01.1024

Denali Hwy Views 091510.08.1024

Denali Hwy Views 091510.10.1024

Denali Hwy Views 091510.09.1024

Denali Hwy Views 091510.11.1024

Denali Hwy Views 091510.12.1024 

Denali Hwy Views 091510.03.1024

Denali Hwy Views 091510.01.1024

Denali Hwy Views 091510.02.1024

Denali Hwy Views 091510.04.1024

Denali Hwy Views 091510.05.1024

Denali Hwy Views 091510.06.1024

Denali Hwy Views 091510.07.1024

About 80 miles south south-east are the Wrangell Mountains.
Mount Sanford is on the right (16,237 ft), Mount Drum is on the right (12,010 ft), and Mount Wrangell in center (14,163 ft)

Wrangell Mountains 091510.01.1024

Autumn Colors. Mostly taken shortly after sunrise.

Fall Colors 091510.02.1024

Fall Colors 091510.03.1024

Fall Colors 091510.04.1024

Fall Colors 091510.05.1024

From along the Glenn Hwy.
Sheep Mountain Pano.kind of large.

Sheep Mountain Pano 091510.01.pano1

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